Lately it’s been pretty busy behind the scenes at Soof! We’ve had some help in carrying out our mission! And not just by anybody…

In the current food industry, it’s not thateasy to eat consciously. Unknown to many, most products contain a lot of unknown & unnecessary additives, like added sugars, seasonings and unnecessary packaging.

Soof believes in a new generation of drinks, without unnecessary additives. That’s why Nicole got to work as a foodie & food minimalist and started stirring in a pan. With the yoga group as the first lovers.

After 2.5 years of development, our Soof syrups were a fact! 100% natural and pure syrup, made from nothing but fruits, vegetables and herbs.
100% transparent. All ingredients are on the front.

We’re the change makers shaking up the soft drinks market. We challenge the rest of the food industry to join us!