The new generation of drinks

  • 100% pure syrups and soft drinks
  • Nothing but fruits, vegetables and herbs
  • No additives
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Nicole en Daan, oprichters van Soof

The margin maker on your menu!

Soof syrups in the catering industry: the best margin, little space, mixed with tap water but still a cool drink on the menu.

Soof Sparkling for take-away or as a mixer in tasty cocktails. Can are the future!

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Nicole en Daan, oprichters van Soof

Eyecatcher in your store

The bottles and cans of Soof are real eye-catchers in your store. A great gift to give and to receive!

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Soof materials

We’ve had merchandise developed especially for our business customers. Think of table cards and coasters, but also displays for in the shops and non-drip systems behind the bar. Your business account gives you access to the full range.

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Free sample pack

Haven’t tried Soof products yet? Don’t waste any more time! As a business customer, you can request your free sample pack now.

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Nicole en Daan, oprichters van Soof


Soof's products are available at most food wholesalers in the Netherlands: Sligro, Bidfood, Kweker, Hocras, Hanos, Zegro, Dorstlust, Makro & Unipharma.

Your wholesaler not in the list? Let us know!