Soof – lovely mix ups

New: Soof. A natural grown-up syrup of fruits, vegetables, herbs and nothing else. Soof is 100% natural and without added sugars. Give your glass of water a grown-up kick with a little ginger, mint and sweet potato.


Water is good for you, but research shows that one in three people still has trouble drinking enough water [1].[1]A lot of people find water boring, and nutritionists are trying to encourage people to make it more interesting for themselves. A slice of orange, a few sprigs of mint, and it suddenly tastes very different. Soof wants to help you along the way with natural ingredients.

Soof Drinks

There are four different Soof flavours: blueberry, lavender & blackcurrant, carrot & ginger, lemon & mint, and sweet potato & cinnamon. Soof contains no added sugar like the usual lemonade syrups, and no other fragrances, colour or flavour additives or other crazy ingredients. Use one to eight parts of water for a sweeter lemonade, or one to sixteen for flavored water.

Daan and Nicole

Founders Daan and Nicole met each other in the supermarket. Not in the vegetable department, but as the buyer and seller at the conference table. They turned out to have one thing in common and that was that they both thought that a lot of things in the store could be healthier, more fun and often, more responsible. When Nicole thought of a syrup for adults, she called Daan and Soof's adventure began…

[1] Nationaal Wateronderzoek 2016