The newest flavour of Soof syrups is a fact: Rose, cardamom, pear & apple! Get ready to be blown away by this fantastic flavour combination.

A pretty perfect pear and apple drink to quench your thirst with just a hint of rose and cardamom. It’s already our test panel’s favourite flavour! As well as fruit, vegetables and herbs, we can now say that we use flowers in our syrups as well. Who would have thought?!

Advantages of Soof syrups compared to other syrups:

  • 100% natural syrups
  • Made from nothing but fruits, veggies, flowers and herbs
  • No added sugars, preservatives, colors and flavors
  • To be prepared with the best (tap)water or sparkling water
  • One bottle can be used for 18-47 glasses

A number of people were allowed to pre-taste!

During the Soof End of Summer: Yoga & Brunch event, a group of enthusiastic Soof fans got to pre-taste! Everyone was super enthusiastic and completely sold on our newest flavor! From now on, it’s available exclusively at Sligro and through our webshop.