Wow! We’re still completely speechless! Soof Drink has won a packaging award! Winner in the category ‘Drinks packaging Non-Alcoholic’!

The judges thought it was a strikingly original and creative packaging for a new brand, which definitely took some courage!. “This, in the lemonade category where dancing fruit is the norm. Soof is a new brand without unnatural additives, made from fruit, herbs and vegetables, that wants to force an opening in a busy market with large traditional parties.”

“The design breaks with design ideas up to now. Everything has been developed with courage. The name, logo, brand design and packaging design. The design stands out because of the slim bottle with white sleeve that ensures a clean look with the tasty colors of the logo. The brand wears the design.”

“Soof is a great new winner. Their boldness has enabled them to come up with something completely new. The design really stands out from the traditional offering. This is a category where dancing fruit on packaging is still very common. The judges are really impressed with the result. Congratulations!"

We’re incredibly proud – great feedback! We’d like to express special gratitude tot the judges and OD Designstudio Rotterdam.